Our Weekly Thought - March 21-27, 2016

We enter into Easter joy through Holy Week, one of the most sacred times in all of the Christian calendar. This week in word and worship asks us to envision the journey that Jesus took through suffering and death on our behalf. Some time ago, I wrote a poem describing this. In true Lutheran fashion, even though it is titled Easter, one notes that it is really about the cross.


and blessed as he was,
Sought after for his touch, his words,
for the sight of his words, for the touch of his eyes.
His hands of old
quelling seas and souls
and disturbing them.

Refusing and accepting crowns and death
he put them all away,
back to the cross.

With his back to the cross,
he stood and blessed, saying

No life is life without me;
in me, no death is death.

This we inspire as we lose our breath.

In what ways does God inspire and infuse you? How does God speak to you? May you be filled this week with the power and peace that comes from Jesus.